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750 Missouri Ave.
Melvin Price Courthouse
East St. Louis, IL 62201
(618) 482-9477(Phone)
(618) 482-9234 (Fax)








East St. Louis Satellite Library
Mission Statement and Access Policy

The Library of the U.S. Courts for the Southern District of Illinois is located in the Melvin Price United States Courthouse in East St. Louis. It serves the research needs of the judges and court staff in all of the court locations in the district.

Attorneys and members of the public who have business with the courts may request permission to use the library, by appointment only between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p. m. Call 618-482-9477 to make an appointment. Please bring your own paper for the photocopier.

The following law libraries in the district or in the greater St. Louis area are open to the public:

Library Services Available to the Public

What we can’t do:
What we can do:

1. Provide legal advice or opinions, or interpret any laws or legal documents.

2. Assist with preparation of cases or legal forms.

3. Provide in-depth reference service or access to fee-based information databases (such as WESTLAW, LEXIS or DIALOG).

4. Check out library materials or borrow items from other libraries.

5. Do photocopying or make telephone calls.

6. Allow use of office equipment, computers, telephones or supplies.

7. Allow smoking, eating or disruptive behavior.

8. Be responsible for any personal belongings.

9. Store or hold any personal belongings.

1. Allow the public access to library materials.

2. Provide directions to needed materials.

3. Provide basic instructions on how to use legal materials.

4. Provide basic reference (e.g., telephone numbers, addresses, definitions of legal terms).

5. Provide a list of libraries that have needed materials that we do not own.

6. Provide instructions on how to use the photocopier.

7. Refer users to other agencies which provide legal assistance.

Beverages are permitted in covered containers only.
NO FOOD is permitted in the library.



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