Archived websites, links (urls) from opinions within the Seventh Circuit

The archived URL project was started when it was discovered how many internet addresses cited in court opinions were no longer active or had changed the material since the opinion was issued, making it difficult for researchers to view the information the court was referencing. This list contains all 7th Circuit opinions issued since January 1, 2007 which cite an internet address. Opinions from the U.S. District Court, S.D. Indiana were included in 2010.

Using the URL in the opinion, the library saves an archival copy, including a watermark indicating the date the archived copy was made. No attempt has been made by library staff to determine if any changes have been made since the last date the court visited the web page.

The opinions are arranged in docket number order. Click on the document description to retrieve the archived copy. Copy and paste the URL in your browser to link to the actual site (if still active).

Seventh Circuit

Archived URLs From Opinions in the U.S. District Courts in the Seventh Circuit

Central District of Illinois
Northern District of Illinois
Southern District of Illinois

Northern District of Indiana
Southern District of Indiana

Eastern District of Wisconsin
Western District of Wisconsin